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Brunswick Reamers

Kaiser connection Coated adjustable reamer Brunswick tooling multi-diameter reamer

The best in reamer manufacturing to deliver the precision you need

  • We supply adjustable reamers and non adjustable reamers (AFP)
  • Sizes range from 6mm-250mm diameter
  • Our reamers are available in tungsten carbide and cermet tipped. Our range of reamers are also available with various high performance coatings
  • All reamers come with through-coolant facility as standard
  • Designed for blind or through holes
  • 32 - 250mm diameter available on Kaiser Couplings
  • Shanks to suit customers requirements
  • Indexable insert pre-ream cutters – prepare the hole prior to reaming (straighten hole)
  • Reamers manufactured to suit customers requirements
  • Multi-diameter reamers – save time and money
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